Wednesday, July 31, 2013

They are rich and famous and they all play it safe, but I don't blame them

I was watching a movie trailer showing the latest Jennifer Aniston movie the other day and my daughter commented that every movie she is in, she plays the same part. I agreed, it is true. But she is not alone.

Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington, (my reason for not showing up on the web) are prime examples. They are actors playing a part in the movie but they are not actors becoming the part in the movie. And Morgan Freeman is fast becoming another example.

It is not that they are not good at what they do, but that they do it again and again and yes again, A formula, it is safe, they make a lot of money and why not? But that is not what actors should do. They should work their craft, grow, stretch the boundaries, try different things. True, they will have some misses along the way, but they will be remembered for achieving greatness.

But as I am writing this I am thinking it is true of most people, we call it being in a rut, doing the same thing on a daily basis because it pays the bills, afraid to take a chance in life.

Maybe, just maybe, Jennifer will call and ask if I want to go out for a few beers. And I would say...Yes!

dreaming and reaching for a cup of coffee

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