Friday, June 21, 2013

I actually stayed up for the "Big"game?

I managed that last night because I took a nap first! Old age? Maybe. I watched with my daughter who had to do a  college paper on it. Nope, no beer was involved.

Did I watch a big battle and superior athletes clashing on the hard-court? No, actually it was the sloppiest game I had seen for quite awhile. Really bad passing, really bad shots that didn't get better throughout the game.
Like old fat guys at a picnic trying to relive their youth in between beer and chicken wings, it was boring.

There will be many people and pundits trying to build up the play and the results and I will tell you no, not much of that at all.

The pressure of the seventh game, and bragging rights to the winner, which will last all the way until September when it starts again.

Funny thing though, they would run highlights of stars and games and teams of years gone by, and I called out every player and threw in some stats for good measure. I am so over "hype".

On the plus side, watching the game with my daughter was nice and she asked the old man many questions during the game.

Now it time for a big morning coffee and go grind out another work day.


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