Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spooky Dreams About Moving On

Spooky yes, and it was a two part dream last night. I first awoke after wrestling with something, I couldn't make it out but it seemed like a fight to the death. What ever it was, I had a two handed grip around its neck, squeezing, locked in combat. It felt so real I was compelled to wake up and turn on the night stand light and look around. I struggled to go back to sleep.

Finally I fell back to sleep, but a new dream appeared. This time I was in a swamp like setting, the mist rising from the water. I could see people, couples sitting together in small boats, not saying anything, seemingly resigned to their fate. I was by myself. I looked back and the boats had now sunk below the surface. I could see the people below the water, unmoving.

I felt myself getting weaker, laying down, feeling the water rising upwards. I was talking to someone. I felt something licking my face and I turned, thinking it was a dog, but it looked like a miniature horse, which then ran away.

It was not yet my turn to go.

erie coffee time

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