Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't blame Florida For The Cold Weather

We didn't suck all the warm weather all the way down to South Florida. It has been a cold winter here too. People have noticed the winter we are having. Our normal cold season lasts a few weeks, maybe a month and then we are back complaining that it is too hot!

Not this year. High 30's, low 40's, the cold keeps hanging around, refusing to give up its icy cold grip. More rain than usual too. The days and nights have been more like a fall day in Ohio and Minnesota wink and a nod to some favorite writers, or maybe Chicago.

The swimming pool awaits, crystal blue waters beckon invitingly. Not a chance, very cold water shrinks stuff!

One would think that being in a sub tropical zone we would be spared. It would appear not. Vacationing people are surprised that we have more than one season down here.

Oh sun, where art though?

soon to be beer time!

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