Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Want to piss me off, tell me you think I am too old to move something!

One of our outside garden women came in looking for help moving a heavy shed for a customer. I knew what she was talking about as I had helped move the same shed three times before, not with her.
It is very heavy and one has to be careful. It weighs as much as a refrigerator, a bit taller but about 8 inches wide by 4 foot by 7 foot high.

But it can be done.

She walked by me, did not acknowledge my answer and went to ask some younger guys instead. They all agreed that I could do it. I did not want them to stop unloading our night truck. Reluctantly she agreed and off we went, she doubting my ability to get things done. Bt the time we got out there a few people managed to move it so my help was not needed.

But as I walked away, I was furious. Is that is what people think of me? I know what I can do and how to do it. I know what I can move and lift. Not by the weight and size but I just know how.

But instead I must look like a doddering old fool
If I want to have someone give me no respect, I can get that from the wife at home.

But not from my fellow workers, that was not expected.

I try not to be surprised at things in life, but sometimes I am caught unaware.
Another bitter lesson learned.

coffee time for this real old man

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