Thursday, June 14, 2012

The sky looked like "The War Of The Worlds"

I was watching TV last night, watching my favorite NCIS, and over the sounds of the show I heard something. I lowered the sound, nothing.

A few minutes later, there it was again. Outside. Getting louder. I opened the front door expecting rain. No not yet. But the wind was quickly picking up.

But it was a lighting storm up of epic proportions that loomed nearby. The sky was bright enough at times to read at night. It was fascinating to watch but I knew it was dangerous too. If you have seen the old movie War of the Worlds, off in the distance the people could see the bright lights of the invaders reining down their destruction, yea, it looked like that. It could have been 10-30 miles away from me but it looked like it was right next door. The wind grew stronger and I ran around the house and the patio gathering anything breakable in anticipation of the storm.

I felt naked and exposed to the upcoming storm and huge flashes of lightning as I scurried around. Satisfied I went in to wait it out as the last quick storm had wind bursts of 60 miles an hour and rain so strong it came down sideways.

But suddenly as fast as it came , it went away. As if it was never there.
and all was well once again.

the calm after the storm

coffee time

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