Monday, December 12, 2011

Rambling Thoughts From RJ

You know you are getting older 

                  when they say "You are looking good"  instead of "You are good looking".

                  when if you life were to flash before your eyes you might want to ask for a do over.

                  when besides the needed skills of learning to walk and tying your shoes you can't think of
any other worthy thing you have learned in a lifetime.

There are math people and people who don't get math. 

My answer is to hire the math people to do the work and 
then take the day off.

That when creating math problems  the teacher will use A,B,C
or X,Y,Z because the other letters are not fond of math.

They say you should try different jobs to see what you are good at.
After 50 plus years, what if you haven't found it yet?

It is true what they say
that men and dogs should know
that women and cats do what they want
and men and dogs should learn to live with it.
and the women reading this are shaking their heads in agreement.

Good things that happen to you are fleeting in nature
but bad things that happen to you
will be remembered forever.

Everything counts in life.
Nothing goes away ever.
Make what you do worth it.

and now time for the second cup of coffee today



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