Monday, March 28, 2011

Complaint Department

My visits and views are way up, for me anyway. I have been doing this for about two years and my posts are now scattered across the internet cloud in cyber space. I am on my way to 600 posts, should be there soon. Big numbers used to amaze me, not anymore.

I started a poem blog a year ago or so, right now at about 70 post. Visits there are very sporadic, sometimes you can hear crickets. So quiet. But I am most proud of them. When I started, my mind was chock full of thoughts. Now my emotions are my guide to putting words to paper, so to speak.

I have been on a drawing path lately, trying to see if I have any hidden talent. It is a year long journey to see if I can get good at it. So far the comments on my art have been kind, but I am sure that will change over time.

But let me get to my point. On my poem site, some comments have been of the lecturing kind, how I am doing it all wrong, blah blah blah. But they liked the poem! I looked up poetry on Wikipedia and there were two or three pages on the different styles of poetry, so it made me wonder what style I should use to make them happy. I came up with a two or three words per line to express the thoughts I am trying to share. It is comfortable for me. If I tried to use rhyme and meter and all the stuff of classical writing, as they tried to get us to do in high school, I wouldn't write a thing.

One comment on my music videos that I posted said they loved my taste in music. Later on the same person told me they were boring old stuff. I have about 50 years of music to pull from my memory banks and it makes me happy.

I do get a few complaints on my sentence structure, syntax, tense and so on. I am from Chicago where people often end sentences in prepositions. It is a lifestyle in talking and writing. I am amused when I am shown how to write. I would not ever do that in return. Words and meanings vary around the world, English is not the same from state to state, let alone from country to country. Who am I to judge? But it appears I am judged.

It is tough to show with the printed word a moment of levity, amusement, eye rolling, all in good fun. If you have known me for awhile you know that I am always looking for a laugh, life is tough enough as it is. I love bad puns, ( is there any other kind? ), funny pictures, something to bring tears to my eyes from laughing so hard. I will make fun of myself, laugh with me then at me, but some people don't get it.

To those whom I have offended, I apologize.

To those who wonder why I put a comma here, not here, why this word, not this word, sorry, I am doing my best. Thank goodness for spellcheck. Things would be very bad without it.

To those who don't like how I write my poetry, and I stress the my, I guess you won't be stopping by any time soon.

As for my music, I have varied tastes, I am open to much, from classical to opera to rock and roll. If it touches me, makes me reach for the volume not the off button, it will be put in the like column or the love column. It would be funny to show what is on my I Pod right now.

I treat people with respect they deserve until they show the don't deserve it. I don't prejudge people. Their words and actions will tell much about them, rather quickly I might add.

You might not know that I can be very charming. It must be because many women have told me so. No, sadly, that does not lead to other things!

I love meeting people from around the world. My workplace gives me that opportunity. They are happy to share some insights of home, because I ask and they tell me. And they are pleased that someone wants to know about them.

To all that stop by and say something, thank you. To those that critique, be my guest. I will read and listen. Just don't judge me too harshly. I hope to make you laugh or think or tap your feet. I reveal much about myself with every word.
I am not the village idiot, but we are related!

Much like when I write a poem, the words must come to end.

It must be coffee time.

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