Monday, November 8, 2010

Politics And Me, Once Upon A Time, Part II

Please read Part One first if you haven't already. Thanks!

So I had my first get together. Who was this guy? Doesn't he know this is closed to outsiders? He doesn't have a chance.  Friends wondered WTF is he doing? Wasn't I voted mostly Likely I was never voted most likely anything by anyone.

The invitations started to come in by various groups around the city, various civic groups, lodges and such. In the mean time, I went to city hall (had to find it first) walked in to the council meeting area, saw the chairs and sat in the one for the mayor. It felt just right! I imagined how it would be. Back to work.

All the while I had to rebuild a store I was given, another Color Tile store to manage. Combining the two would prove a challenge.

All in all, I gave over 26 talks, speaking engagements, without the rubber chicken dinners. I existed solely on many cups of high octane coffee. My days turned into 14-16 hour days, It was quite exhausting!

My crowning moment came with my last talk. It was televised on the local cable channel to the whole city. It consisted of a moderator asking all the candidates, three for mayor and four I think for some open council seats, a series of questions, each of us taking our turn.

I later saw myself on TV. I looked calm, but in reality my mind was racing a mile a minute trying to figure out what to say without sounding like an idiot. I had no prep for the questions and was relying on my salesman speaking to pull me through. Hanging by my fingertips!

It was over. I was on fumes. I didn't want to say another word to anyone.

The running around was over.

It was election night.

To be continued.
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