Saturday, November 6, 2010

Politics And Me, Once Upon A Time.....Part one

We had moved down from Chicago in 1988. At the time I was working for Color Tile, having managed one store up north, we had embarked on a new and difficult adventure in South Florida, a family of four and soon one more on the way.

It was the move to Coral Springs that started it all for me. The people running the city were, with a few exceptions a mess, incompetent, and embarrassment to the city and a laughing stock in the newspapers.

I wondered if I could do better.

I knew no one. I had no money. I worked long hours daily. My wife didn't think much of the idea.
The odds were against me.


I walked into the local chamber of commerce and announced my intentions. I fumbled my way through the election process. The filing fee was $450. I didn't have the money. I had to borrow the money from Mom!

Now understand this, one normally has the backing of many people to raise funds, learn the topics, election signs to be bought, and many people to keep up your spirits for the long hall.

I had no one.

The first get together the city had to meet everyone I walked in alone. I felt myself shaking, A huge knot formed in my throat as I walked into the room. I shook hands, introducing myself. The first test.
My political career had started.

Did I mention I was running for mayor?

To be continued.
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