Monday, November 1, 2010

Pieces Of The Puzzle

What I have noticed from all the reading I do of the different blogs and posts is that all are affected by a number of things in life,some very good and wonderful,  some emotional, some physical, sometime self inflicted, some times victim of abuse and many other things that happen that shape the way we are and what we have become today.

Not all things that happen are bad, it is just more noticeable. Like the fact that a car accident gets your attention, not the fact that you made it to work without incident.

Nobody is left out. Slights and hurts while growing up or a helpful hand, someone showing the way, it all counts.

There may be triggers that send one spiraling out of control for the rest of your life. Or an act of kindness that corrects the path one is on and pushes you on to a type of greatness one could only hope to achieve, something that would be read about in a fairy tale.

A lack of respect may spur you on to greatness, a mean comment could trigger problems that never go away.

People are fragile, wrapped in a shell of self confidence, or a monument of self doubt which  has been built over the years. Can a moment in life open the doors to a mental or physical frailty?  Or close the doors on a chance at greatness? The possibility does exist.

An affliction can hinder ones self growth, building a wall around a chance for self improvement. Something not diagnosed makes one feel ostracized without not knowing why.

This post does not offer answers, but does pose many questions,and a sense of wonderment on why things are like they are.  Do I have issues? Of course, I am human too.

It all counts, it is all pieces of the puzzle that make us what we are.
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