Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did You Vote? Did It Matter?

Did you vote, I did. Did it matter, I don't know. Yes, it was part of the vote count, a bit of democracy acted out on my part.

But as one gets older, one notices that the differences between the parties gets slimmer each time there is an election. Politics has become the politics of do nothing. Everyone promises what they can't deliver.

One tunes out the rhetoric of the other side. But it becomes like ones horoscope, mix it up and you still think it is about you.

Bills are proposed, no one reads them, Bills are voted on, no one read them. Money, hate, love and war.

I could go on, but why. We will do this again in 2 years. The anger, the desperation, my party is better then yours. Really?

That is like being the smartest stooge.

What is the point to it all?
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