Thursday, March 18, 2010

On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone!

We ended up watching an old video on VHS(yes,before DVD)last night, Rolling Stone presents Twenty Years of Rock & Roll. It was from 1987. It was narrated by several stars of the time, some which have passed on to rock and roll heaven. I felt like an old professor with a few question and answers to who was who and when was this during the show.

Once again, I am so happy to have been there from the beginning. Cut me and I bleed rock and roll! From the psychedelic 60's to the glam of the 80's. A lot of music, some groups a quick mention, some a minute or two playing. There was a lot and I might forget some, but here goes.

The Band

The Beatles

The Bee Gee's


Dave Bowie

James Brown

Jackson Browne

Buffalo Springfield

Joe Cocker

Elvis Costello

Country Joe & The Fish

Creedance Clearwater Revival

The Doors

The Eagles

Iggy Pop

Jimmi Hendrix

Elton John

Eric Clapton

Jeff Beck

Cyndi lauper

Led Zeppelin


Joni Mitchell

Elvis Presley

Pink Floyd


Otis Redding

The Rolling Stones

The Sex Pistols

Sly and the Family Stone

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Bruce Springsteen

Talking Heads

The Who


Neil Young

Are you jealous yet? Of course there are many more, but remember, they couldn't fit them all on one tape!
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