Monday, February 15, 2010

The First Year!

Time sure flies when one is having fun. I wandered all over the landscape trying to find my way, what was I trying to say. I didn't know what I want to achieve with a blog. Did my opinion count? Did it make sense?

After awhile, realizing I was not going to be the next Huffington Post, I tried to be me, whatever that was. I hope you have liked what I have written, my music likes, thoughts that pop up in my head trying to get out, my fingers on this keyboard leading the way.

I have found some wonderful people on line that I continue to visit and have been kind enough to stop on by. My visitors I have noticed, are mostly women, which makes me very happy. They are charming, intelligent, and beautiful and I hope they bring a friend.

I have found people from all walks of life share much of the same troubles, grief, joy, encounters and day to day things we all go through at one time or another. But I also found that we think we are the only that go through good times and the bad. Of course we don't.

I have read some posts that were so funny, tears came to my eyes. I have read some that made me cry. I wanted to give hugs to those in pain, and hugs to some just because they are wonderful, some just because, just because. I have traveled around the world on virtual vacations looking over the shoulder of you the tour guide who has been kind enough to share your adventure with me.
I marvel at the thoughts, the smarts and the insight of you the writer.

I have tried my hand at poetry and have found it quite rewarding. I have felt good about the comments I have received especially from poets whose work I admire. Poetry is something new for me and because I got a good reaction from someone dear to me, I jumped into it head first.

So now, My second year starts, Thanks to all.
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