Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tesla, The Worlds Electronic Genius

The More I read and watch stories On Nikola Tesla, the more I marvel about about what he accomplished. He had a working model of radar 17 years and, x-rays 7 years before it's invention.

He was credited by the United States Supreme Court with the invention of the radio.

He lit up the Worlds Fair with his own lighting system, AC -alternating current. He harnessed Niagara Falls to light up the city of Buffalo, 20 miles away.

Remote control boats, light bulbs that lit up when he stuck them in the ground! Induction motors which are in use all around you. stoves that are coming out to a store near you, that heat only the pot, not your hand can all be traced to him and his induction electric motor. Wireless radio

I wish I was smart enough to know how he did all of this, but I can still enjoy his work.

circa 1896.
Born 10 July 1856
Smiljan, Austrian Empire
(Croatian Military Frontier)
Died 7 January 1943 (aged 86)
New York City, New York, USA
Residence Austrian Empire
Kingdom of Hungary
Citizenship Austrian Empire (1856-1891)
American (1891-1943)
Ethnicity Serbian
Fields Mechanical and electrical engineering
Institutions Edison Machine Works
Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.

Known for Tesla coil
Tesla turbine
Tesla's oscillator
Tesla electric car
Tesla principle
Tesla's Egg of Columbus
Alternating current
Induction motor
Rotating magnetic field
Wireless technology
Particle beam weapon
Death ray
Terrestrial stationary waves
Bifilar coil

Just for starters!
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