Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Does Today Mean?

As I was cleaning out the garage for the umpteenth time today, I came upon a cerimonial flag that was used to drape the casket of my grandfather, who had served in WWI. I had forgotten about it, but I thought it was not to late to hang it outside today. It was folded up in a triangluar fashion and resting in a plastic pouch. It is too delicate to use often and not for long periods of time outside as it will not last long in the elements. It is still hanging as I write this post.

There was a note from my mother on why I got this flag of her father. My brother has my father's flag. But it got me thinking.

Like many other holidays, this day is used for sales in the retail sector. Mostly lip service is given to all the people who have died serving our country. Many more are crippled and scarred physically and mentally. There is a sense of abandonment of them when they return from the battlefield.

But why is there war? Think real hard about it. One side attacks, one side defends, one side retaliates. Turn plows into guns and bullets. "Money in them thar hills "when we battle each other. Death is profitable.

Religion has been the cause of many holy wars, goverments trying to act in a manly fashion, a percieved slight from someone. Politics, economics are other reasons. Trying to put a stranglehold on another country or people because they are different from us. The reasons don't matter. People die.

Wonderful slogans show up in time of war. Marketing death takes some doing. Us against them. Uncle Sam wants you!

The need to protect family, friends and home is real and should be done. But the "Are you with us or against us" is too simplistic, and never reveals the real reasons for warfare. There must be a purpose and a reason to lay down one's life for your country, whatever country that might be.

oh, the Veterans Day Sale runs through the weekend.
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