Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rerun of Some Past Posts

Someone commented to me that lately, I seem in a down time. I suppose that is true. This Sunday, November 15, will be my birthday. I will be 57. Now normally, I shrug them off birthdays and start saying I am whatever my next birthday will be as my real age, acting as the funny guy, always making jokes. But this time is different.

Reflecting, it seems my life as gone in a full circle, and there are some empty spots that should have been filled a long time ago. It is almost like I am starting over, not what I was looking for.

It hasn't all been bad lately. I have been working out everyday, getting in better shape, stronger, losing weight in the process, and many compliments lately, handsome, intelligent, and so on, which makes me wonder what I was looking like before? Oh well.

I have made some friends on line here, and I am afraid when all things are said and done, I will lose some too.
Here is one of my first poems. I will be going back in time for some others in days to come. Thank you for you time.

3 Billion Go To Bed Hungry, 3 Billion Go To Bed Looking For Love

to have love
to lose love
like grasping at the fog
to find a kindered spirit
out of reach
out of mind
the comfort of years later
never to be shared
the laughter
the cries
footpath for two
walked as one
words can be hollow
when they can't be heard
words dance in your head
somebody's love song
better than yours
what is meant to be
no truer words
heavy heart to be lighter
journey without end
hand in hand
what is meant to be
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