Sunday, November 8, 2009

All Hail The Mighty Weed!

when did it start
the love of the lawn
endless sea of green
soft and tender
natures carpet
to frolic upon
roll and play
used as feed
for many an animal
forage for a meal

in rolled in the weed
many shapes and forms
prickly or not
flowered or clinging
ground cover for some
spoiling the greenery
for many

yank pull cut dig
no stopping
the green vermin
stop it now
bring in the pro
a gunfighter of sorts
the weed killer
rode into town
with promises aplenty
worry no more
action it will take
machine or by man
lay down the spray
pellets by some
time and money
watch them die

but wait
like a swamp creature
from the deep
a lawn nightmare returns
jason could admire
a nightmare back
a summer scream uttered
didn't kill us all
badder then before
overcome the weak sister

let nature take its
do what it will
hail the mighty weed
and remember the 60's

grass is for smoking
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