Thursday, July 23, 2009

RJ Hears A Who

just think
a moment
all we know
all we see
unknown worlds
unknown universe
maybe more

what if it's
all a spec of
things so vast
no comprehension
of it all

does it matter
what we say
what we learn
how we treat
one another

why so mean
why so cruel
why so nice
to one another

it all matters
you knew that
the flap of
a butterflies wings
can move the winds
around the world

it stirs
the imagination
brain hurts
thinking so hard
nature has cycles
why not this
expansion stops
come back together
start again
big bang
we are unique
not the best

be kind when
you can
do the right
thing because
it's the right
thing to do

a spec of dust
we call home
RJ hears a who
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