Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love the Ta Ta's But Pink is not about a cure

I love them, all shapes and sizes but the marketing of Pink is not about a cure for breast cancer, it is a business. If a cure is found they close up shop. Really, you think so? Not a chance.

Something for sale. "A portion of the profit goes to something cure." What is a portion, how much is raised, what is being done?  Sounds of crickets.

A long time ago, there was a thought to do something good. No longer. You think you are doing something of good, something of value. You are not. Sorry bucko.

A war on something is never won. a moment can take forever. What has been accomplished? A survivor is considered someone who lives five more years, mixed successes ya think?

Radiation, chemotherapy kills everything. That is not a cure.

Cancer is a big business. Remember that a business strives to grow and expand.

grumpy coffee time

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