Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Collective Groaner

There was a man who was in love with all things Mozart. Anything and everything. One day he decided to travel to see the final resting place of the famous composer.

He decided to visit the cemetery late at night so he would be alone with his thoughts about the great man and his wonderful work.

As darkness fell, he noticed, off to the side of the grave, a light from below.

Curious, he looked closer, noticing that it looked like it lead to some steps below.

The temptation was too strong, so he worked his way down inside the chamber.

Much to his surprise, he found Mozart himself, sitting at a desk with sheet music and erasing notes off the page.

Startled he cried out, "Mozart, what are you doing?"

Mozart looked at him and calmly said Why, I am decomposing!"

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