Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kids Aren't Spoiled Today, They Just Won't put Up With Incompetence

Case in point, I tagged along for a doctors appointment with my son last week, I was needed because it was on the family insurance plan. We looked like we were running a bit late so I called to let them know we were on the way.
They had no record of him having an appointment. I had the paperwork in hand and told them so. Nope, no record. When you get here, go to building A.

You guessed it. Sorry, go to building B.

Wait in the receptionist line, shuffling of paperwork, nope back to building A, side door.

Back to A. They were supposed to fax paperwork over to us, they never do it right. You need to go back to building B.

I checked my paperwork, shows date and time faxed to them.

Back to building B. Told them we needed to see the insurance department. Uh Uh, fill out the paperwork first, five pages. Son is filling out paperwork, points out there are ten pages, five duplicates.

Appointment was for 9:00 am, now 10:00 am. Lady come over, we have an opening at 10:30 am., want it?
Heavy sigh, yes we will take it.

Different room, waiting. 10:30 comes and goes. Clerk mentions to someone when they shut down for lunch. Not looking good.

Finally, after waiting for two hours, at 11:00 am, he gets to see a doctor.

He told me he would of went home by 9:15 am if I wasn't there.

If the world is to change and be a better place, the paperwork quagmire will have to go away.

It's not the kids, it's us.

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