Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey, What happened to all the invites to the holiday picnics?

They don't happen.

Back in Chicago, the early marriage years, we used to have 30-40 people over to our little house for picnics and pool parties.

When we mention this to our children, they roll their collective eyes. Sure mom and dad! We believe you, not!

Fire up the grill, serve the usual picnic fare, have plenty of beer, good times, a good mix of fun and friends.

Leer at all the women, scantily clad, or wish they were scantily clad!

Loud music, loud voices, for hours on end.

Move on to Florida.

Never again.

Time passes. Kids grow up, the party mindset passes, mind and bodies age.

Holidays are for work around the house. Work that needs to be done for sure, but fun, not so much.

Hangovers are not missed but sometimes I wish I could go back in time...

no morning after time

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