Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It has taken almost 60 years, but a new dust bowl is almost upon us!

The latest reports coming out of the midwest and the west is that the huge and vast aquifers that have been supply all the water for all the farm land for the last 60 years or so is quickly running out. The vast pool of underground water had been tapped into to grow crops where rain was scarce, well the water has run out in many areas.

Crops have been devastated. Small towns are going away. The cause? A watering system on wheels that carefully covered every inch of ground. Aquifers take millions of years to grow in size, but man can tap in and eliminate an source of of liquid gold in a heartbeat.

History always repeats itself. Man has the ability to forget, to its own devastation. Prices will start to skyrocket, people will complain and wonder why.

We don't learn to conserve until its too late. We are idiots as a species.

Oil used to be ten cents a barrel. Growing up, gas was 25 cents a gallon. We built cars that wasted gas.
and complain when gas is over 4 dollars a gallon.

Soylent green everyone!


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