Tuesday, April 16, 2013

They all are important, But what could you live without?

I was sitting around the house and a thought occurred to me about the things we take for granted. No matter what the income level we all have them.

1. Indoor Plumbing
Who doesn't long for the old days of pooping in the woods, the latrine, chamber pot, no matter what the weather or stage of dress, out side you go! (don't forget the days before toilet paper) And just as amazing, water from the faucet.

2. Electricity
Fire places, open pits, kerosene lights, gas lights. Sources of light and sources of heat and cooking. The advent of indoor lighting, a thing of amazement!

3. Refrigeration
Why do you think they called it an ice box? The ice man would bring into the house a big block of ice which was used to keep the food cold, followed by many upgrades including the frost free refrigerator. (many memories of chopping out the inside of the refrigerator)

4. Air conditioning 
It was originally thought it would battle mosquitos, it enabled people to live anywhere they wanted, Florida thanks you!

Just a few things off the top of my head, basic stuff, Things you take for granted.

morning coffee time, and that is another story...


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