Thursday, February 17, 2011

From Dawn to Rag Doll, Frankie Valli Is The Word!

Another night at the Hard Rock Live, this time to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I joked that because it is Florida they changed it two the Two Seasons. ( you had to be there for that )

The place was packed and the crowd got restless, as there was a wait to get everybody in their seats. It was worth the wait. The roar went up as Frankie hit the stage, a Jersey boy made good. Had it been all those years? Would he still be good? Yep! An hour and a half later I was still singing Dawn, go away your no good......

An 11 piece group backed him up throughout the songs. The brass section was made up of local musicians, along with a few of the guitar players. They sounded like they played together all the time. The back up singers were new, the old Four Seasons were no longer. They sounded good and had a lot of dance moves.
But Frankie is the star, no doubt about it.

The hits came one after another, but when he sang "Grease is the word", I got goose bumps! No one moved in the audience, no bathroom breaks, no running for more beers, just enjoying the music. Our seats were higher up this time but they were in the front row so we were happy! As things ended, we wondered what about Rag Doll. He came back to sing it in an encore that left everyone happy!

Hard Rock Live is all about music to me. There was a group playing as we went in and were still there when we came out, called Mr. Nice Guy, a six piece group. I loved the live music, very good. As we wandered back to the car, more music would overlap from one section to another. I could go just to hang out. Cool stuff!

Another long night, for these old bones, well worth it!
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