Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quit Swining About The Flu Already!

Enough already. Enough hand wringing, blue masks, hand wash potions, mouthwash. Everybody is getting worried, over what? Influenza is serious. People die every year from it, as I mentioned in a previous post, 250,000-500,000 every year on average.

Right now, the WHO (world health organization)which spearheads this watch has been banging on the table that we are in big trouble, that a pandemic is on the way, like the bird flu? Millions of birds were killed to prevent the flu, was it necessary, maybe. We won't know for sure.

Not unlike in 2000 that companies spent millions upon millions for a computer scare that didn't happen or the Bush Homeland Security Color Terror Alert to scare the people on a daily basis.


Besides,all those blue masks get in the way of kissing,now that could cause a different kind of pandemic.
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