Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hurricane Time Coming Florida Wake Up and GET READY!

Alright people. Everyone knows that we have had a pass the last few years. The hurricane gods were with us. In Florida, June 1st starts the hurricane season which doesn't end until the end of November. Planning is essential to eliminate panic at crunch time.

That means getting a new generator now, gas cans now, emergency supplies now.

That means if you are going to install your own shutters, BUY THEM NOW! Get all your measurements, go to your local home center and start working now. There is no rush that a storm is coming. Plywood is better than nothing, panels are better. It takes time, get help if you need it.

Stores will get overwhelmed and will do their best to help you and load you up but you may be on your own. Make plans if you are leaving, when will you leave,pets to be taken cared of.

Food, water, medical supplies, get them now.

For those of you around the world the Weather Channel ,
becomes the viewing channel of choice. Eyes become glued to the screen, you know all the forecasters, highs and lows, planes flying into storms, predictions of how many, how strong, were will they land, nah, not this time, wind howling, quiet time, here it comes, wow! Do we have power?

Honey, next time we will be ready!
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