Friday, January 2, 2015

Like a bad movie, the calendar pages are ripping of the wall

It's true. This last year was the fastest ever of my life. I suspect age has something to do wit it. And work. Sales is a constant blur, a harsh taskmaster and never ending.
Daily sales, weekly sales, monthly sales, yearly sales. A sprint and a marathon all in one.

It maybe my work week being in retail and all.

I work
Sunday 10-8
Monday 1-9:40
Tuesday 9:30- 9:40
Wednesday off
Thursday 9:30-5:00
Friday off
Saturday 9:00-9:40
much longer days during holiday season

and the it starts again

I am in survival mode. Like an aging athlete getting the call to come off the bench into the big game, I am doing what I can.
Just slow down the clock, would you?

tired ancient Ray
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