Tuesday, December 2, 2014

thoughts 12-2-14

people who I think are smarter then me ask me all the time my opinion on a variety of things. scary.

the smell of cut cucumbers is so incredibly good.

the love of a dog is a wonderful thing

only matched by the love of your children

people rarely hang out with people with different view points

racism is really hard to disguise

one must be introduced to the arts at an early age to appreciate the world around us

reading must be encouraged with children but it only works if you read too

the line most used " successful people are not fearful of failure" is only partly true, they hate it too but have the grit to try again

many things do not have the option of failure-learning to walk, dress yourself, ride a bike and so on

apps are a wonderful thing but only work because of the internet and electricity, take that away and they have no value

anyone can be perceived as clever if what they do makes them money

rock and roll will never die until all the rock and rollers are dead

are there any news people left that are trusted to report the news as news

the difference between religion and a cult is the number of members

what ever happened to living in harmony with nature

the fight for the lowest price is a victory of sorts for shoppers but will soon be forgotten if the service isn't there to back up the sale

some people don't realize that life does not have  a straight line to success, it is a series of zig zags

most people don't care about the effort and decisions that it took to get the final results

everything you do in life counts for something

everything you don't do counts for something

a new years resolution starts the day you decide to start, not January first

be aware of things and events around you, listen to your mind and body,
tweak things here and there, you will surprise your self

enough for today

old ray

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