Friday, December 12, 2014

Hey! I am not old so what is with all the wrinkles?

Nobody thinks of themselves as old, even if the calendar begs to differ. Laying in bed the other morning I rolled over and happened to take a look at my arm and this thought popped into my mind.
The skin looked like something from the history channel. Sigh...
And the arm itself was kind of jiggly. Why I look like I am 62! Wait, I am.

I am still pretty strong, can still lift and move things, knees not withstanding, can still hit a golf ball pretty far and so on.

But time marches on doesn't it. The elasticity of the body just wears out and the snap just isn't there anymore.

Try this. Lay your hand flat and pull on the skin. Watch how quickly it goes back. Someone young, well, it goes back quickly while mine relaxes back in place,

One is not supposed to mention anything related to age as our culture worships the young but it is what it is. If you think you are not getting older remember the average life span in the USA is around 70.
If you are older than 35, well, welcome to middle age!

on that happy note...

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