Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Beatles effect-clothes

When the Beatles burst onto the scene, the guys wanted to look just like them. The clothes, the shoes, the hair.

There was a time when blue jeans were not allowed in public schools, pants were a form of dress pants and it took a lot of protesting to get jeans allowed at school.

The hair. Overnight, all the guys wanted to wear their hair long, like the Beatles, but looking back it wasn't that long.

The shoes. Beatle boots flew off the shelves. Parents protested, said the pointy shoes were bad for the feet, never mind that mom wore shoes that were just as pointy. I cried and begged and got new shoes, with at squared off toe, a compromise of sorts, yes, I had the only pair like it at school.

Hats. Hats were suddenly cool, because the Beatles wore hats of all types.

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