Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The older they get, the more against the poor they become!

A few days ago at work I stumbled upon a conversation involving food stamps, how wrong it was and so on. I did not want to get involved being that I was sick, very tired, and very sore. The accepted wisdom was that there are plenty of jobs out there and people turn away from minimum wage jobs as being beneath them. Jobs such as street sweepers came up and the like.

I said I would have to check on the internet to see where all these jobs where that were being bandied about. They quickly said that there no such jobs, they would have to be created and paid for and people would be up in arms about jobs being tied to food stamps.
I did ask those present who would volunteer for the minimum wage job, being that there are so many to choose from. No volunteers.

A person who gets food stamps is living on about 3 dollars a day.

That is luxury, three bowls of Ramen noodle a day.

I can see where they are coming with their complaints.


A thought had occurred to me, more than once that some people, the older they get, blame others on their current conditions. Like storming Frankenstein's castle with pitchforks and torches, emotions can be gathered as a striking force against the weaker ones.

Instead of being against everything, make job training part of the requirement but make sure a job is there when the training is done.

Talk is certainly cheap, worthy ideas are priceless.
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