Friday, April 20, 2012

Smooth Jazz

I know that many think I am just an old rock and roll guy and in most cases you would be right. But many time when the house is empty I will turn on the TV and listen to smooth jazz on channel 851!

Another reason to have Direct TV is they offer music, all styles, and it is quite enjoyable. It is especially nice when the doors and windows are open, a nice breeze stirs the inside air and I am relaxing on the couch. It allows me to drift away to another time and place.

Previously, I had been in homes that had music playing like that and had quite frankly been rather envious. And now it's all mine.  Because it plays more or less in the background there is no changing the channel because a song that comes on is annoying, like in a car. Do I still crank up the rock and roll? Yes I do, and will forever!

But for now, let me lay back
coffee in hand
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