Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nature On The Half Shell, Florida Style

Being close to the water by with our home on on the ocean front condo the waterway into the manmade lake has its perks. Frogs sending out love songs at night, the occasional bellows from the alligator that might wander by, fishing breaking the water and a collection of birds, of all types that stop by to feed.

Often the main course is enjoyed by long and tall gangly birds with extremely long beaks who enjoy the shellfish that resides close to shore.
Below is a little collection of leftovers picked clean and left for the clean up crew(me) which are dispatched with the help of the lawnmower.

Good for the birds, bad for the shellfish.


It is very common by my backyard, but not common elsewhere.

I thought I would share a bit of nature on my day off.

time for a holiday beer

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