Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Man That Defined Suave And Cool, oh and the car too!

Sean Connery set the standard for cool with the movies Goldfinger and Thunderball.  Guys wanted to be like him. Women wanted to be with him.  He could handle any situation and so could the car! 

LONDON (Reuters) - James Bond's 1964 Aston Martin DB5, dubbed by auto auctioneers RM Auctions on Tuesday as the "world's most famous car," will go under the hammer in London in October and is expected to fetch over $5 million.
It is the first time the distinctive silver-colored car has been available to the public to buy.
It is one of two, and the sole remaining, of the original "007" DB5s that appeared on screen with Sean Connerybehind the wheel in "Goldfinger" and " Thunderball ," RM Auctions said in a statement.
The model comes complete with its "Q-Branch" gadgets including machine guns, bullet-proof shield, revolving number plates, tracking device, removable roof panel, oil slick sprayer, nail spreader and smoke screen.
Several of the gadgets are fully operational, although the machine guns are not real.
The car is being sold by U.S. radio broadcaster Jerry Lee, who convinced the Aston Martin Lagonda factory to sell it for $12,000 in 1969, becoming its first and only ex-factory owner.
It has remained in his possession and has rarely been seen publicly over the past 40 or so years. Lee plans to use the proceeds from the sale for the Jerry Lee Foundation.
It will be auctioned on October 27.
(Reporting by Mike Collett-White; Editing by Patricia Reaney)
A clip from Goldfinger, golf of course!
and the car, what about the car?
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