Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goldman Sachs Has No Honor!

The following sentences are from the web site of Goldman Sachs.

We have a responsibility to our clients, our shareholders, our employees and our communities to support and fund ideas and facilitate growth. We do so by investing in people, businesses and our communities around the world.

Connecting people and capital.
Providing advice and financing.
Helping clients manage risk.

None of this rings true now does it?

They are liar's and cheats. They are not only dealing from the bottom of the deck, they are using a second deck. Only you don't know there is a second deck.

They look at a potential investor as a lamb to be brought to slaughter.

Unfortunately, they are not alone.

Are there any good people out there? Of course, but their voices are muted in the hubris and arrogance of Wall Street.
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