Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Send out the clowns and the tigers too!

It is almost 2015 and it is time to stop the use of a couple of relics of the past.

The Zoo

Really, do we need to see animals in captivity any more? The world has changed much over the years and what was once a curiosity about the world around us is very passe. More and more reports come out on how devastating it is to the animals to live in captivity. I would add in Sea World also. Orca and the gang need hundreds of square miles to roam and hunt and instead they are held captive in the equivalent of a bathtub to live their lives out in.

There was an episode of Twilight Zone where the main character is kidnapped by aliens and transported to their planet. He awakens in what appears to be a house. It turns out to be a display of his normal habitat. He is an attraction in a zoo. Touche!

The Circus
How many more reports of animal cruelty do we need before they are ordered to shut down. Elephants balancing on a ball? Abusive treatment to keep them in line? Whips to train the lions and tigers? I always root for the animals.
The circus coming to town was a big diversion years ago, adding a bit excitement and side shows designed to separate the money from the marks.

Vote with your feet and wallet. Don't go.

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