Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thought Process

I have read many biographies of famous and or important people over the years. Two recent examples are Nikola Tesla and Elon Musk. I like the fact they wanted/want to do something to benefit mankind.

That is the thought that surges through my mind and controls my thoughts, not money or fame but to help everyone, to come up with a game changer idea. My strength is my ability to envision something, my mind goes through the pros and cons of an idea. My weakness is the inability to proceed.

I am sure that I will find what I thought were insurmountable problems will be laughable down the road. Publicly stating a course of action and documenting the course of events will be exhilarating and scary, there will be butterflies a plenty for sure.

There will be applause and handshakes from some and head shaking from others as I continue along this journey. But this time there will be not failure from not trying. That alone will make me successful.

I will start a journal of sorts and at some point in time share it.

Time to draw a map and get started, no gps needed!

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