Monday, July 23, 2012

Call Me Unemployed, A New Beginning?

I resigned last Thursday from my job. I did it to save my sanity and my health.
I was certain I was next on the purge list, most likely next week.
I was able to leave with some of my dignity intact.
Some but not all.

But the pressure is on to find a new job, maybe my last one as I ain't getting any younger kiddies!
There is panic in the household as the big bills and expenses will continue to roll in. Short term, we will be okay.
Long term it will/not could get ugly.

Do I have it in me?
Does all my years (30+) in sales mean anything?
And here is a big one
Do I have it in me to start over, reinvent myself one more time?
I think I do. But it is of a solo nature of mental support and confidence.
I am not the type to stay forever at any job.

Being out of work is like passing by a car wreck. It is painful to watch, you hope the person is okay and will be alright and you wish them all the best.

And you are glad it was not you.

My old job has been posted on line. Any wonder I came home so very tired every night?
You can read about it here.

wish me luck
coffee time
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